Some shots from the Lagos Carnival

DJ Clock ft Beatenburg “Pluto” (Remember You)

 South African Indie-Pop Band, Beatenberg recently teamed up with East Rand heavyweight, DJ Clock to make the song taking over all the radios in SA called ‘Remember You’. This single from DJ Clock’s latest album ‘The Fourth Tick: A Clockumentary’ moved up from no. 94 to no. 32 on the South African Top 100 on their second week on the chart, then to no. 7 in January, then to no. 1 in Mid-February. The video has all the boys hallucinating about seeing the same girl over and over. It goes as far as seeing her face on the moon! Even if you don’t have a lost love, this song still makes you nostalgic… in a good way :)


The Nigerian singer/songwriter who opened for Chaka Khan last year at the Smooth FM Luxury Concert releases her debut music video. Her hair is epic. The song is good too :)

viviane sassen (2011)

viviane sassen (2011)

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