Yoruba Oshogbo Artist Twins Seven Seven

Though his given name was Taiwo Olaniyi Salau, the Nigerian artist Prince Twins Seven-Seven had chosen this pseudonym as a reference to his birth: he was the sole survivor of a line of seven sets of twins. Twins in Yoruba culture are known to have special abilities denied to ordinary people. Prince Twins Seven-Seven was a prominent artist, as well as a bandleader, teacher, dancer, actor and spokesman for Yoruba culture. 

He began his career by drawing on paper. The originality of his line comes from the fact that it appears to unfold blindly, with no plan, through a progressive invasion of the entire surface. An extraordinary wealth of detail saturates every square inch of his canvases. With the exception of a few paintings (for example the satirical politician), the universe of Prince Twins Seven-Seven is thoroughly rooted in Yoruba visionary imagery, both religious and folkloric. Between the world of spirits and that of the living, between the natural and the supernatural, the real and the mythic, the exchanges are constant. His artistic works reflect a personal cosmology, drawn from Yoruba myths and stories. Twins’ highly individual technique is the physical manifestation of a universe of potent forces in a state of constant treansformation. The images themselves are wonderfully complex; forms collide with colors to reveal a mythopoetic world that demonstrates his unique imaginative power.