Real South African Beauty by Jodi Bieber

Photographer Jodie Bieber’s photography series “Real Beauty” was inspired by a few events  as well as taking inspiration from the Dove campaign  which showed ordinary women in their underwear advocating and speaking for real beauty. This series questioned how South African women saw themselves and what their definition of beauty is. Across all communities that she examined, she found that South African women, also hold “unneccesary perceptions of self doubt around themselves and their beauty from an early age.” Unlike the Dove ads, Bieber shoots these women in their homes, allowing them to pose in whatever position makes them feel most beautiful, and with no photoshop! That means all bumps, scars, cellulite, tatoos, and extra curves are left in for the viewer to see. It’s nice to see physical reflections of what every other woman looks like and have that shown as real and beautiful.