Nigerian rapper KEX’s music video reviewed by MTV’S global blog MTV IGGY. Review by Beverly Bryan

'Nigerian rapper KEX has been turning up on tracks here and there but he has yet to build a huge public profile. He honestly doesn’t do a lot to change that in the video for his new solo single “In My Dreams” but he does plenty to pique our interest.

First of all, he isn’t talking about the kind of dreams they tell little kids to believe in and recent college graduates to follow. He’s talking about the kind you wake up from grinding your teeth to find  your pillow soaked in icy sweat. But the young, bespectacled emcee doesn’t break a sweat telling you about it in the downtempo number  and it’s all the more compelling for it. Laid-back hip hop tracks are actually one of the harder varieties to pull off, but KEX moves through it at a perfectly unhurried pace, deadpanning about both his anxieties and his self-evident prowess in rhyme.

The highly stylized video complements the mood, evoking the somber peace of a rainy day. And KEX doesn’t show his face through any of it. You might catch a glimpse of his features in profile once or twice, but he keeps his hood up and his back turned while he flits through the urban landscape like a phantom. Of course, it just leaves us wanting more.

Like Limerick’s Rubberbandits, there’s just something so intriguing about artists who choose to hide their faces. It does have a way of making their words more impactful. Then again, maybe he’s just trying to evade the haters for a little while longer.’